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    How can I have shot over 1,500 weddings and still love it?  Because each wedding day is unique.  To me it is not about shooting the wedding, but telling the story.  If you take the time to learn the story of each couple, shooting each wedding becomes a unique experience.   That is what keeps each wedding fresh.
    I have two degrees.  One in communications and one in photography.  These have helped me to tell stories in a variety of ways.  I started out as a commercial photographer where I had the privilege of shooting for some great clients including Nike for over 15 years.  
    We then closed that chapter of our lives and moved the family to Maui to specialize in destination weddings.  Steph, my wife, and I actually bought the company that married us.  She became a wedding coordinator and I shot the weddings.  Needless to say I know weddings inside and out.  How many guys know how to bustle over 100 different kinds of wedding dresses.  For that matter... how many guys even know what bustling a dress means?  
    I also love helping others. That is why I accepted the challenge of becoming executive director of Our mission is to stop slavery by stopping poverty. In order to help fund my efforts, I donate a portion of each wedding fee to FreeWorld (and it goes directly to the work in the field).  
    Please visit my blog to get some interesting wedding stories.  From couples overcoming challenges to memorable moments, from helicopters to underwater caves, I have had more wedding experiences than most photographers.  
    I love photography.  I love weddings.  I love humanitarian work.  That is a little bit about who I am.  

    Thanks for your time and your interest.
    Now, on to the next adventure.

I love shooting weddings.  I love that your wedding can live beyond your wedding day.

So what comes with your
Wedding Package?

Just about everything!

    You get your photographer for the whole day to shoot anything. You get an APP with all of your images for online viewing so your friends and family can see them and share them. You can order prints right from your APP.
    You can download high res images to your computer one at a time or all at once. We make a donation to FreeWorld so your wedding helps others in need around the word. We believe that every couple should have a wedding coffee table book but not all couples will order one.  So we just give you one.  Yep.  The book is on us so that way we know  you will have one to enjoy for generations.  
    Check out this video to see what your PASS APP is all about.

Be glad your wedding photographer 
likes to shoot other things too

    The more experience your photographer has in all kinds of photography, the more experience they will bring to each wedding they shoot. That is what we strive for. To be able to bring all kinds of experience to each assignment we shoot. 
    Before I had the privilege of shooting weddings, I was busy shooting commercial assignments for Nike, the NBA, Cannon, HP, Westin Hotels, and even for Navy Seals.  Some of my favorite projects have been shooting humanitarian assignments in over a dozen countries to tell the story of some amazing non-profit organizations. Next came destination weddings.  
    In short, every assignment we shoot comes with the wealth of experience and adventures.  I just did some quick math and figured out that I have clicked the shutter over 2.5 million times in my career.  Photography to me is a tool with which to tell stories --- stories with an impact that cannot be experienced with just the written word.  When I work with you, I bring with me all the experiences I have had the privilege of being part of throughout my career.
    My next adventure is to print my legacy and share some of the amazing stories I have been a part of.   Be watching our blog for updates on this project.
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